Zoom is a piece of software enabling online face-to-face conversations for up to 25 users simultaneously, suitable for PC or Apple computers (or an app for smartphones).  It permits exciting conversations to take place between people dispersed across the country and indeed around the world.

New Paradigm Education is using Zoom to facilitate all of our courses, groups and one-to-one meet-ups including our introductory conversations.

If you think you would like to participate in the School for the Awakening Superhero you must first arrange a face-to-face Zoom meeting so we can get to know each other a little.

Although it is possible to use Zoom directly through your browser, for best results it is recommended to download the software or install the app onto your phone.

Once you have done this it will be no more than a click of a button to participate in all of our sessions, there are meet-ups intended for everyday of the week and you’ll be freely able to join.  Eventually, we intend to organise real-world physical get-togethers for those who have been networking using this platform.

Go to Zoom.

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