For the first time in history it’s truly possible for people to communicate across borders with incredible efficiency. We have the common languages and the common technology to facilitate outstanding projects with an international dimension.

New Paradigm Education, in partnership with Globalised English, are proud to present YES! (Youth Enterprise Scheme), the first multi-national company powered by young people around the world.

We are currently looking for bright minds who want to participate and start developing their skills to create a special kind of forward-thinking enterprise for the future.

To form a robust team which is capable of remaining connected, on task and on purpose when far apart, we are going to spend the next year working on bringing everyone together so that work can begin in 2020.

What is the company going to do? That’s up to them!

First we’re forming the team… if you, your children, your school or your youth organisation could be interested in taking part… don’t hesitate to get in touch. There IS going to be a selection process… participants require a functional level of English and the final team members will need to show focus, ingenuity and the kind of qualities their team members will want to work with.