The Genius Tree

It is a miracle that modern schooling manages to provide any education at all given the unbelievable pressures exerted by our society on schools and students alike. Parents, teachers and families often struggle to provide a rounded upbringing that can prepare young people for modern life and an uncertain future.

What is for certain is that we can only experience the best that life can afford us when we connect fully to the latent genius that is waiting inside us to be awakened.

The Genius Tree intends to provide a comprehensive alternative to mainstream education for those families who are willing to breakaway from cultural trends to re-establish a grounded approach to youth development.

Moving away from the paradigm where students are coerced to practise ‘real-life’ before they really get to do anything ‘for real’, the Genius Tree will provide an educational environment where young people can play for long enough to find, identify and nurture their inner calling so that their gifts can be brought fully into this world.

This education alternative will be launched in 2023 and we are currently seeking parents who want to educate otherwise.

The Genius Tree is where genius grows.