One of the key objectives for New Paradigm Education is the creation of innovative learning environments.  The organisation helps to establish learning environments where everyone is engaged with personal and collective research.  By creating educational ‘temples’ where the pursuit of truth is seen as the highest possible endeavour, New Paradigm Education serves as an innovative model and positive force for both personal and social transformation.

Although being in the same room with inspiring teachers and other students is an exciting, infectious way of transmitting a passion for learning, the internet has enabled the possibility of connecting with other people at a distance.  Some would argue that the real-world connection between student and teacher is simply irreplaceable, however our experience has shown that some of our favourite teachers have inspired us from beyond the grave, such is the power of audio/video content when one is really engaged.  

It is our intention to re-establish the online component of New Paradigm Education’s services in the not-too-distant future.  Previously we ran The Genius Project which offered a number of online classes to people around the UK but we didn’t have sufficient funds to continue the service long term but we hope to re-initiate an online programme soon.

Our first physical location was in the heart of Brighton, a place called HOME where free or low-cost education was provided to hundreds of users, New Paradigm Education is currently looking at alternative sites for the next centre for learning, a real world ‘Genius Faculty’ that can support a greater number of people in the adventure of making the transition to a new, healthier paradigm for humanity.

The first centre was HOME, opened in Brighton, UK in 2010 and a search is currently underway for the next location.

New Paradigm Education intends to initiate a pioneering network of educational facilities and research centres called HOME, designed to address the challenges faced by humanity from a holistic perspective.


HOME was the first centre for learning established by New Paradigm Education and was based in the heart of Brighton near the Seven Dials area.  Employing a gift circle and embodying the principle of ‘pay it forward’, many people were able to access the facility and the activities provided who would not have been financially able to do so.

The enterprise started out as a bilingual nursery called Little England Petite France which received an ‘Outstanding’ report from Ofsted.  Eventually it was decided to broaden the project, to offer services to the wider community and support those with an appetite for lifelong learning.  HOME served as a community hub and education resource; a place for inspiration, healing, belonging and play.

Committed to the principles of non-violence, HOME dedicated itself to assisting people in their quest to thrive; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


HOME played host to a number of high quality practitioners sharing the skills and inspiration required to establish great natural health and happier lives.  

HOME was available for interesting projects and events that aligned with our principles.



HOME offered a wide range of services:

Languages French, English, Spanish, Non Violent Communication.

Technology Graphic Design, Music/Video Production, Website Design.

Arts Dance, Art, Poetry, Creative Writing, Instrument Tuition.

Life Skills Maths, Nutrition, Cuisine, Gardening, Exercise, Creativity.

Health Shiatsu, SCENAR Therapy and Training, Metamorphic Technique, Massage, Raw and Fermented Foods.

There was a variety of other services provided too:

Experienced mediators and counsellors were available to resolve disputes and find win-win solutions for those concerned. A resource for developing art, dance, music, computer skills, instrument tuition and film/animation production. Tuition in music production and performance with private lessons in drum kit, percussion, bass, keyboards and music workshops.

HOME also played host to:

Activities and focus groups seeking to build stronger links and working connections in our communities.

Terra Nova School – Project for a Free Earth – a weekly group linked to Tamera’s global research project.

Experienced mentors from A Band of Brothers were available to support young men struggling to come to terms with the apparent lack of opportunities today and it’s associated problems.

A library: we loved to share the knowledge contained within its shelves offering books by Charles Eisenstein, Herman Hesse, C G Jung, Philip K Dick, Robert Anton Wilson, Irvine Welsh, Marshall Rosenberg, Dieter Duhm, Sabine Lichtenfelz, Kelly Bryson, Ken Wilber, Michael Talbot, Richard Bach, Riane Eisler, Rudolph Steiner amongst others… There were many classics as well as unique resources for health, law, spirituality, psychology, teaching etc.  We also stocked the entire collection of pamphlets and books by Dieter Duhm and Sabine Lichtenfels.

HOME exhibited the work of talented artists including:

Mark TabbronSantiago SartoriusDan Johnson (aka) t[error]ist?CassettelordDOZE DeeStephen E. MeakinNusensistTess ZahnClaudia BurnettRob Kaczmarczyk – Yana Valcheva – Buncie


“Well done for doing what you did. I certainly have very fond memories of coming around and making music and laughter.”

“I enjoyed our early morning yoga sessions back in the early days…and have been inspired to see the developments since…”

“Thank you for all you offered. For sharing your space, your home and your vision. I learned a lot and grew a lot, I shared beautiful connections with many. Being able to be witnessed is a powerful natural thing which empowers. I felt this at HOME. Thank you. Also, Alex Catchpole’s food workshops were a highlight for me.”

“Bless you… all those who created the community and energy and experiences that will ripple on outwards in many ways.”

“You have achieved much… Thank you for all you have done to develop this place of togetherness. I am sure you have laid great foundations for new ventures to blossom.”

“You aimed admirably high… and I reckon the list of achievements will be the abiding memory. Good work.”

“Lots of love… very grateful for so much heart and for this beautiful vision… and putting into practice… that ‘stuff’ that many of us have so far only managed to talk about….”

“Remember the wonderful / positive effect you and the crew have had on everyone (not just at HOME)…. much love and thank you for sharing.”