One-Straw Education

Masanobu Fukuoka was the godfather of modern permaculture… he developed the idea of natural farming and demonstrated that it was possible to live an abundant, satisfying life with a minimum of effort.  His ideas can easily be transposed into education.


In his deeply inspiring “The One-Straw Revolution”, we find a One-Straw Revolution which is not so much about food or farming but the attitude by which he came to his realisations… Fukuoka manages to show the full potential of agriculture when we allow nature to do what it does best.  The less we interfere and work in harmony with the forces and cycles of nature… the more we are free to enjoy the bounty of what existence can share with us.  He clearly demonstrates how farmers who depend upon technological means of production have a very low quality of life compared to the peaceful existence he enjoyed until the ripe old age of 95.

Natural farming refutes the need for artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and the arduous digging and weeding of the soil.  One doesn’t need to ‘prepare’ the earth which naturally brings forth a bountiful supply of food.  In the absence of trust, human beings go to great lengths, using practically all of their time in corralling life into doing what it does best.  Fukuoka realised that the earth will thrive and provide ample resources to meet our needs creating enough leisure time to permit a very high quality of life.  As soon as we begin to tamper with nature and place demands on it, urging plants to ripen before their ready or to look a certain way, grow to a specific size… we lose time, we lose money and we lose heart.

Applying the principles of the One-Straw Revolution to education, what would natural education look like?  How does nature develop the human mind?  Have humans had to consciously apply effort in the development of intelligence and the pursuit of knowledge?

We can answer emphatically: “No!”

Learning is child’s play… literally.  All the sages of history have highlighted the necessary conditions for the acquisition of understanding… the beginner’s mind.  Curiosity naturally flows through human beings when they are placed in environments of freedom and self determination.  Only when we sit expectantly watching the pot does it fail to boil.

Natural farming means we enter into a relationship of trust with the forces of life… we see the cultivation of food in harmony with nature… if we consider the raising of children instead of crops,  how do we best adapt this approach to develop a natural education?

Surely it must begin with the same trust in nature that Fukuoka’s farming demonstrated.  Everywhere  humans interfere with nature, regardless of their intentions and further problems are compounded.  The more we allow nature to fulfil its own destiny, the more we can relax.

Look at all the ways that contemporary education demonstrates this lack of trust by continually preparing the young mind for knowledge.  The fertiliser of contemporary education takes the form of pre-packaged, throw-away information which is only temporarily useful for the developing character.  Information is not retained beyond the year’s harvest (exam time) and must be continuously reapplied to stimulate growth.  In order to focus a student’s mind on learning they are hounded with drills, bells, punishments and discipline-building obedience trials spoiling an otherwise enjoyable and rewarding process that would occur freely if given the opportunity.

Learning is a natural pleasure for all intelligent beings.  Intelligence simply demands variety.  A state of awe and wonder can be observed in all animals who have not been domesticated… who have not been controlled with obedience training nor lived under the threat of fear.   Curiosity arises naturally as a response to the mystery of life.

What we need are mystery schools: temples of learning where the exploration of the endless unfolding of existence is enjoyed by all sections of society.  A child naturally wants to learn without any inhibition or resistance right up until the day they are coerced to learn things for which they have no natural inclination.

Of course, the artful educator has the power to trick a young person into developing a fascination for what they might not have otherwise come to themselves… this process requires an infectious passion and a capacity for seduction… inspiring the student who draws life-affirming enthusiasm from the teacher in the same way plants suck nutrients out of the soil by osmosis.

Just how long will people tolerate sending their children to these backward institutions before they say “This is the last straw.”

the last straw

NB. In recent years I’ve encountered some fervent advocates of ‘un-schooling’ which can look, on the surface, to be an attempt to adapt the process of natural farming to the field of education.  My experience of some parents who employ this approach is that they can make the same mistakes that Fukuoka made when he first took over the running of his family farm.  Refusing to prune the trees in a bountiful orchard, he quickly learned how disastrous the results could be if one abandons the pruning the tress have come to depend on.  Once nature has been interfered with, simply not doing anything will quickly lead to a writhing mess in the garden, his whole orchard was ruined by the sudden withdrawal of attention.  True, he grew other trees which he left to develop according to their own whims and things went much better… but he learned that those ‘civilised’ organisms which have been cultivated by society cannot be abandoned to follow their wild ‘buddha-nature’ without risking a collapse.  Some people mistakenly think that allowing the young people in their care to follow every naturally arising desire they may have will undoubtedly draw them towards the fulfilment of their potential.  I suspect that allowing young people to gorge themselves on computer games, Facebook and as much sugar as they desire may well backfire for those parents who think that to intervene would unquestionably undermine the process of self-discovery.


New Paradigm Education is in the preparation stages of creating a network of revolutionary educational environments and research centres. We are currently in talks regarding sites near Lewes, Bristol, Ipswich and Ibiza.

We are seeking contact from visionary individuals who see the profound need for fundamental shifts in almost every aspect of modern life, we are looking for people with a sincere desire to be the change and help move society towards the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.

These centres called HOME can offer a quality of life unparalleled in traditional settings, please have a look at our proposals in the environments section of our website

We are far more interested in passion and personal qualities than experience. We have already received hundreds of applications but we are seeking to form an unparalleled team of highly skilled, intuitive and competent solutionaries.


No one must ever be refused access to education because of financial reasons, there is always a way we can find some means of exchange or agreement so please make sure you get in touch if you’d really like to participate but just can’t afford it.


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Re:Pairing The Ruler






Repairing Your Ruler

Online Course

Here is your invitation to a whole new way of approaching sovereignty,  healing, embodiment and mastery

Do you stand in two worlds?

We all tend to have two Ruling States in us in life.  One where we feel empowered, connected: when your sense of Place, Worth, Value, Power and Potential is intact and unshakeable.

Your internal measurement system of self is balanced and working well.  Your measures of success, progress, appreciation and gratitude are reasonable.  You have a sense of direction, and know you are in your own process and things are moving as fast as they can.

That is when the Internal Ruler is In Charge.

Everyone has probably already tasted that at some point in your life, even if for only a few moments consciously, and for most of the time in your very early years. Some of you may feel it a lot!

The other state isn’t as pretty:  we expect too much from, or believe too little in ourselves. Our internal measures of expectation (of self and the world), self-worth, value, success and appreciation are skewed unreasonably in one direction or another.

Our mood, contribution and sense of worth is based on external measurement and stimulus: on the judgement, expectation, command, approval or disapproval of others. You may take and judge ‘snapshots’ of yourself and others and make fixed conclusions, forgetting process altogether.

This is when an External Ruler is In Charge and the connection with the Internal Ruler is interrupted, wounded or broken.

We are in one or the other.  If you are often or usually in the second, and like the sound of the first, then this course could be just what you need.

This course will help you heal the relationship with the Internal Ruler through nurturing its expression to achieve a Change in State, a Change in the Ruler to an anchoring of the First State.  I call it First, because it is the one you were born with – when your Internal Ruler, I, was In Charge.

The course is divided into 6 monthly sections that explore the first 5 stages of ‘Repairing The Ruler’ (that which ‘draws the line:’ I ). These are – Getting The Point, Drawing the Line, Taking Charge, Being Positive and Crossing the Line.


Alchemy of Language

Please remember: At almost all times I am speaking in ‘Alchemy:’ Speaking of two worlds or perspectives/ contexts at the same time, or more.

The multiple potential meanings of my phrases and certain emphasised terms are intended, if you sense them. These are uttered to include the implied other possible contexts.

eg a Change in State to be applicable to both internal and external State, but also intended and applicable to each alone, as well as together: they seamlessly influence and represent each other; or ‘Getting the Point’ to mean at every level from the highest macrocosmic Purpose to your purpose, the point of a situation, or conversation, to the lowest dot on a page.

Who’s in Charge?

The way we are taught to use words and the mind in the West creates a disembodied mind. One that can refer to what has been, what may come, but it is never here and now – it remains forever the objective observer.  We are conditioned not to be able to Take Charge and are often shamed or bullied into following an External Rule(r) from a young age.

As introduced in the interview, this means that many of you have the CHARGE for Change in you, but may struggle to pour it into healthy FORM – it stays locked in the mind level or the emotional level, but they do not embody effectively together or dextrously.

If this is you, you may be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed, angry, addictive/indulgent. 

Others of you may have the FORMS of Change, but they may be limp and toothless compared to their potential because people are often unable to ‘Take CHARGE’, which means to handle the Charge that flows through them in the fullness of how you may feel about the things in the world you want to Change.

If this is you, you may be feeling a little detached or one-step-back from the world, peering excitedly in, but confused as to why your Forms haven’t been as effective as you might like, and perhaps at a loss as to how to stir up the appropriate response and involvement from potentially interested parties.

The final hurdle for most is about bridging a dextrous Charge with a ready and fit-for-purpose Form, expressed through healthy boundaries, personal assertiveness, compassion, empathy and personal autonomy.

This is Sovereignty manifest and the journey will foster your self-mastery.  This is about a change of Who’s in Charge and this event is geared to help your Internal Ruler, I, in Taking Charge of your Space and Life.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, then this course is for you!

What’s Involved:

Course Structure

The course is divided into 6 monthly sections that explores the first 5 stages of ‘The Ruler’ (that which ‘draws the line’ – the divine masculine). These are – Getting The Point, Drawing the Line, Taking Charge, Being Positive and Crossing the Line.

Each one will explore fundamental mental issues of Authority, Gender, Electromagnetism, Currency, Self-Mastery, Divinity, Relating, Sovereignty, Empowerment & Embodiment in your life. They may seem disparate or a strange blend, but their seamless relationship with each other will soon become much clearer for you.  A longer list of topics explored is at the end of this section.

Each month you will get sent by email:

  • Written material
  • An instructional video,
  • ‘homework’
  • practical exercises

You will also receive:

  • A 1.5hr live online group Q&A with me for each module (1 per month)
  • ‘cleaned/corrected’ fonts: all my materials will be issued in ‘cleaned/corrected’ fonts: no descenders at all (to be clear: (f),g,j,p,q,y are all in their rightful place ‘on the line’.) You will get a few fonts for your own use on your home computer. See this video for a brief introduction to this
  • Discounts for any additional 1-2-1 tuition you may decide you want/need.

We will look at:

The Return of the Ruler |, Getting The Point . , Drawing The Line  -, Taking Charge |, Crossing the Line +, Be(ing) positive +, Being Cross +, Opening the I, the lines of the Sovereign, and issues related to these from gender to authority; assertion; situational assessments; Taking Charge – cultivating Charge/Discharge dexterity; emotions – spasms to mastery; Perception & Interpretation – attention/at-tension; developing healthy boundary/territory; applying courage; Being & Coming; self-support/nourishment; making, taking, giving and holding Space; levels of social conditioning at a pre-linguistic level; Making Points; Personal Standard; the Myth of Patriarchy; the True Basic Shapes; exploring Charge-Form/Change-State; reclaiming the power of basic symbols/sigils; Who is I – balancing ‘little i, big I’; how to spot and use opportunities to exercise the Ruler, and much more.

The only way these concepts can be taken beyond the beginning theoretical ‘reflective-mind’ stage is to start to apply them. This is the objective of the course, so you can take ideas that make sense (the idea can be felt/seen) and put them into practice within a supportive environment, but relevant to you and applied in your life.

This is a direct challenge to the modern idea that all we have to do is share ideas and knowledge and that alone shall set you free. The Great Western Con is that if you just feed the mind enough ideas it can save you and ‘make it all right.’ Rubbish. 

This course seeks to encourage and set you up to embody your full range of mind and feeling, not just through applied ideas, but through coupling that with natural symbol magic (mental healing,)  and contextual guidance to maximise understanding, effect, and respect.

The result is a healing of your connection with I, the Ruler Within, so that it can great express itself to, with, through and as ‘You.’

The manifestation of that should and will cascade to touch, improve and empower every aspect of your life if you simply apply the material in your mind and life.

The process of healing and re-engineering the mind in this way is mammoth but simple, richly rewarding and filled with ever-larger smiles. I’m certain you’ll agree if you decide to take this walk together a short while on the journey.


These are from previous events.  They have been edited for brevity. Full versions and more available on request:

“enjoyable, life-changing and massively empowering…within the first 10 minutes alone, (darren) Christopher exceeded ALL my expectations. I found his insights into self-sovereignty powerful, transformative and liberating. (darren) Christopher is an extremely skilled communicator. An engaging storyteller. And a masterful teacher. His ability to use analogies to give fresh perspectives on life, the universe and everything is extremely potent.

My mind was, and remains, blown. It was only until I heard Christopher speak that I realised how much more there is in life for me to look forward to, enjoy, celebrate and be grateful for. His insights have already provided benefits in business, my social life and beyond.” – Tom, Leamington

“seeing your workshops has been a phenomenal experience, completely life-changing and has caused a shift in my perception that is incredibly profound. I can only say that (darren) Christopher’s work is unlike anything i have ever experienced before and i would recommend anyone and everyone to take part – your ideas about the world will change it forever.”
Adam, London

“You have a way of opening peoples eyes to reality without blinding them and I truly hope that one day I will know half of what you know and that I will help man kinds evolution in the way that you are.”
Emma, Swansea

“(darren) Christopher’s workshops are like crossroads, I think, bringing you the opportunity to explore a whole new path of being and knowing, and I strongly encourage all who can to take advantage of this magical possibility.” Amy, Preston

The content of Darren’s teachings is profound, alive, and unquestionably earnest. The concepts he teaches are both beautifully simple but also intricately complex in places, so prepare for some occasional mental somersaults! Anyone who has connected with Darren will know that what he shares is deeply important and filled with wisdom.  I have not come across this kind of stuff anywhere else.”Diarmaid